Such Fun! English at KC De Hobbit

Recently, learning English as an additional language from the age of 4, has been subject of research and both political and public enthusiasm. Reasons to start as early as that, were the fact that natural language acquisition takes place before the age of 7, the ability of very young learners to learn a language through play and practically without an accent, as well as the lack of fear to actually speak in another language.These are the reasons why KC the Hobbit decided to participate in the Such Fun-programme that was set up for ATO-scholenkring by Yvonne Scherphof. Yvonne finds teacher trainees, starting graduated teachers and language students from the UK and from the Netherlands, who teach English to our pupils in groups 1 until 8.

Miss Louise Bevan, who teaches at our school, became Specialist of Early English at the Hogeschool Utrecht. She is a bilingual teacher, who has worked at Such Fun! since 2015 and teaches English at De Hobbit throughout the year, as well as at a few other ATO-schools within the Such Fun! programme.

English is taught according to principles of Total Physical Response (pupils move and react with their whole body while learning the new vocabulary) and using Multiple intelligences to meet the different learning styles. 

Superinventors on the moveFrom 2020 De Hobbit takes part in an Erasmus+ project about Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths, called Superinventors on the Move.Read all there is to know about the project here:

For more information, go to www.suchfun.nl, and Facebook on www.facebook.com/suchfunenglish/ and on Twitter @SuchFunDB.